NS&I products are government investments that can be purchased online, by telephone or post directly from NS&I. They are all secure investments as they are guaranteed by the Government. There are several types of product, with different tax treatments.

When saving or investing with NS&I, you’re lending to the government and your money is totally secure.

Products Available

Product Tax Status Minimum Investment Maximum Investment
Premium Bonds Tax Free £100 £40,000
Direct ISA Tax Free £1 £15,000
Children’s Bonds Tax Free £25 £3,000
Fixed Interest Savings Certificates Tax Free £100 £15,000
Index Linked Savings Certificates Tax Free £100 £15,000
Guaranteed Growth Bond Taxable, paid net £500 £1 million
65+ Guaranteed Growth Bond Taxable, paid net £500 £10,000
Income Bonds Taxable, paid gross £500 £1 million, £2 million (joint)
Guaranteed Income Bonds Taxable, paid net £500 £1 million
Investment Account Taxable, paid gross £20 £1 million, £2 million (joint)
Direct Saver Taxable, paid gross £1 £2 million, £4 million (joint)

Long Term Care Planning

As life expectancy increases, so does the number of people who may require long-term care as they grow older.

Some older people may qualify for local authority financial help with their care fees, even if they own their own homes, but being clear on all the options for funding long-term care – for loved ones or ourselves – is a wise financial planning step for the future. We recognise that long-term care arrangement is one of the largest financial commitments you are ever likely to make.

With this in mind, professional advice can help you to identify the best way forward. We’ll use our specialist knowledge and expertise to explore funding options, including annuities, equity release, trusts and investments.

We can also advise on issues relating to deprivation of capital – the passing on of assets, which local authorities may regard as a measure to avoid future care home fees.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Passing on your wealth to loved ones is better planned sooner rather than later.

Like so many areas of personal finance, inheritance tax planning can be complex and time consuming.  Our objective is to help you plan your wealth for you and your family in the most tax efficient manner.

The benefits of estate planning are:

  • Reduce any tax liability for your beneficiaries
  • Protect your home against long term care fees
  • Helps to ensure your wealth passes on to those you love
  • Provides you with peace of mind.


The options are:

  • Exemptions – there are a number you can use to reduce the value of your estate.
  • Subject to certain stringent conditions giving away assets can also reduce the size of your taxable estate.
  • Life assurance does nothing to reduce IHT but the proceeds can help pay the tax on the death.
  • Using a properly constituted trust can substantially reduce or even eliminate an IHT liability and also protect against Long Term Care fees.
  • A limited range of investments are exempt from IHT.